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Branding Strategy + Website Design

Get Confident AF + LAUNCH!

The secrets you need to get confident in your business so you can stand out, start booking your dream clients and charging your worth.

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 Why do you need to be confident AF in your business?

Hey girl! I’m Amanda! A self taught designer who has had the pleasure of helping dozens of women gain clarity in their business so that they can start feeling confident and working with the type of clients that they actually want to work with.

I designed this program because I realized that not everyone is ready to invest fully in my design services but they still need help with the things they are struggling with in their business.

This program is going to help you get the clarity you need to be able to confidently let people know who you are, what you do and how you are going to help them!

 Here is how we are going to get you confident AF

  • help you uncover your purpose

  • uncover the mission of your business

  • discover your core values

  • get tools to discover who your ideal client actually is

  • guidance with your website strategy and layout


 I am sharing my secrets that I have helped other badass boss babes like you develop a brand identity that has substance, conveys the brand message and attracts ideal clients.


  • 90 minute call with me to dive deep into your business with questions that will have you think about you business in a way you never have before

  • Access to my digital brand strategy questionnaire that will help you dive deep into your business like you never have before

  • Access to my digital website strategy workbook to help you with the design, copy and layout of your website

  • 30 minute follow-up call with me to evaluate your strategy

  • Access to my signature methods that have ONLY been shared with clients up until now

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 By using my signature methodologies we will build the foundations that you need to be able to convey your message confidently and the tools you need to launch and attract the clients you actually want to be working with!

This is not website or branding design services or 1:1 coaching but a kickstart to help you begin your journey so you can launch with confidence!


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